REPAIR SERVICE for Swann DVR and NVR recorders

Why buy a new CCTV system if the old one can be repaired?

We are offering out of warranty repair service for Swann DVR and NVR recorders! 

With several years of professional experience with the Swann products, we are pleased to offer repair service for Swann DVRs and NVRs that are out of warranty and still could be revamped.

Our skilled electronic engineers can perform the most complex repairs which other centres usually do not do.

How does it work?

Contact us via phone 0800 987 5633 or email  

Based on your fault description, we will give you an estimate for the cost of repair.

If you accept it, we will ask you to post the item to our warehouse and provide you a Repair Reference Number (RRN).

Once we received your item, an engineer will inspect the recorder and repair it for you. We will contact you with a confirmation when the repair is complete and will send the invoice before dispatching your recorder back to you. We will send it back with DPD tracked delivery service that is £7.99, included on your invoice.

What we will do with the recorder?

We run full diagnostics on your recorder for video ports, audio in and out, network, HDMI and VGA output and USB ports. We are going to examine the main PCB board and change components if needed. The unit will receive a complete software upgrade if required. The main PCB board and the cooling fan will be cleaned with IPA and ESD brush to reduce noise and avoid electrical discharge caused by dust.

We are going to contact you when the engineer had repaired the recorder.

How much does it normally cost to repair the recorder?

The repair cost is depending on the fault found. We work on a component level and try to minimize the cost of repair as much as possible.

The fee is payable prior dispatching the unit back to you.

How long is the warranty for the restored units?

We provide 3 months warranty on the repaired items.

What happens if the faulty item can not be repaired?

If for any reason, we can not repair the recorder, there is NO repair fee will be charged. We can offer another product at a competitive price and will send both recorders back to you at the same time.

Please note, we do not deal with items that have physical and liquid damage; or has encountered damage due to incorrect installation.

Are you interested in our Swann repair service?
If you have any questions or would like to request a free quote, please email us to or call us on 0800 987 5633.

Swann CCTV Repair Service

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